Please welcome the following people to our membership:

  • Shivam Barot
  • Pamela Corezano
  • Kelvin Francisco
  • Warren Jackson
  • Emma Kahlke
  • Iman Khan
  • William Kras
  • Marissa Mathew
  • Christopher Regina
  • Joseph Reitano
  • Kate Sazon
  • Eleni Stamencu
  • Olivia Thomas
  • Brian Trifon
  • Judy Turrieta
  • Hannah Young

Thank you to everyone who came out to interview with us this weekend. This was a tough decision, so if you did not get accepted please do not hesitate to apply again next semester.

We also have a sister organization who works closely with Five Quad, Friends of Five Quad. Members of Friends of Five Quad are able to take observer shifts and ride along with the crew, learn how to take vitals, participate in events, and more! Contact if interested in joining Friends of Five Quad.

Good luck to all the MITs this semester, we look forward to working with you!


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