Five Quad Ambulance - University at Albany

Since it's founding in 1973, Five Quad Volunteer Ambulance Service, Inc. has proudly been serving the University at Albany community, as well as the surrounding areas of Albany and Guilderland. Five Quad V.A.S. is a New York State certified ambulance agency that is run and operated by University at Albany students. Five Quad is successfully able to provide Basic Life Support 24 hours a day, seven days a week during the fall and spring semesters. Each semester, Five Quad has between 50-90 active members (including actively participating alumni), 20-30 members-in-training, and two functional ambulances. Our active membership is composed of CPR certified attendants, New York State Emergency Medical Technicians, Drivers, and Crew Chiefs.

  Two BLS Type III Ambulances

  90 Student and Alumni Members

  24/7 911 Service

Help behind the scenes of FiveQuad

Friends of FiveQuad offers students a way to contribute outside of emergency care!

Our Crews- Who's coming to help?

Each crew is staffed by at least a Driver and a Crew Chief, but often with the help of attendants.

Crew Chief

A Crew Chief is the senior EMT who is primarily responsible for the administration of emergency care and ultimately responsible for all aspects of the crew's operations.



The Driver is responsible for operating the emergency vehicle and navigating to and from the scene. In addition to operating the ambulances, drivers are always considering scene safety concerns.

CEVO II Certified


Attendants assist the Crew Chief in the administration of patient care on emergency calls. Attendants can assess vitals and contribute to the patient's care on scene and en route to the emergency room.

Agency Trained